Project 03 | Pizza Sales Data Analysis with Power BI

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Maven Pizza Company: Analyzing Pizza Sales Data

Tools we used: PowerBI

Skills we applied:

Power Query, DAS, Data Formatting, Handling Null Values, Creating New Measures, Using different type of visual charts & Creating interactive dashboard.

Stakeholder's Expectations:

Data Set Format: Excel

Dataset Download link:

Data Analysis Steps We Followed:

Interactive dashboard with Power BI:

Answering Stakeholder's Expectations:

  1. How much money did we make this year? Can we identify any seasonality in the sales?

We made total $817,860 in a year. In the 2nd Quarter of the year we get highest amount of revenue $208,369.75 And the month of July was the top revenue generating month, it was $72,5560.90.

Between 3rd and 4th Quarter of the year our revenue was lowest. In 4th Quarter it was $199,124.10 and October is the lowest revenue generating month, it was $64,027.60 only.

      2. Are there any peak hours?

We sold maximum of our pizza at 1:00 PM. So this is peak hour for us. And 12:00PM is our second peak hour.

      3. Are there any pizzas we should take of the menu, or any promotions we could leverage?

The Brie Carre Pizza is the least sold pizza, we sold 480 pizza only and got $11,588.50. We should take it off. 

Regarding to the promotions, we need to offer discounts on weekends because as per research we found that we have least order and revenue in weekends. 

We can offer buy 1 get 1 offer so that on weekends people triggered to enjoy our pizza with their family/friends. We can offer for  “The Thai Chicken Pizza” because we got top  revenue $43,434.25 form this pizza and/or “The Classics Deluxe Pizza” because we have top number of orders for this pizza 2416.